Castle Rooms

The castle’s rooms and suites inspire a sense of well-being from the moment you step into their modern interiors. Clear lines, fresh colour patterns, a distinctive design and the warmth of parquet flooring all combine to provide an extra touch of exclusivity. Located on the third floor, these dainty suites offer a richly faceted living experience.

prinz Leo VI room

20 m2 | 2 people

This modern suite offers a pleasant, comfortable ambience that reveals nothing of its past as a maid’s lodging. Yet, echoes from long gone days …

matthias room

20 m2 | 2 people

The interplay of beige tones, dark wooden flooring and sand-coloured bathroom walls create an effect of soothing softness that inspires tranqui …

prinzessin isabella VII room

20 m2 | 2 people

Our “Princess” room is designed for guests who appreciate sleek design and a cosy ambience, and wish to spend a holiday in historical surroundi …

prinzessin eva VI room

20 m2 | 2 people

Formerly a maid’s room, the Prinzessin Eva VI now welcomes you with luxurious interiors featuring clear lines, muted colours and prestigious wo …